Treats and Favours


Sweet Indulgences come in all shapes and sizes and none more than the selection of treats and favours we have to offer you at Bespoke Bakes

You can theme any of these additions to compliment your main cake as part of a full on dessert table or maybe just add as a thankyou treat for your nearest and dearest.  

Cookies are a great wedding favour and can even be used instead of a placecard at your dinner table. 

Individually wrapped and personalised. They come in all shapes, colours and designs. 

Cupcake bouquets make a beautiful and delicious alternative gift

Cake Jars are a lovely indulgent gift or favour and come complete with wooden spoon for easy eating!! 

Cupcakes come in 2 sizes, bite size and full size, if you are having a cupcake tower I would suggest a mix of the two for those who want a little treat but wouldn’t manage the larger version. 

Cake pops are a fun addition to any celebration, a delicious mix of cake and chocolate ganache think pretty chocolate truffles on a stick  

Cake popsicles are a new addition to the treat family, shaped like a traditional popsicle but when decorated are the cutest and prettiest little treat you’ll come across. 

Meringue Kisses in bags or little jars make the perfect melt in your mouth favour. Coloured any way you want them to be. 

More Photo's being added soon!